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Mental Fitness Strategies

Preaching PAPA.YA

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Preaching PAPA.YA is a Social initiative by Stallion Encore Digital, based in Mumbai for Mentoring, namely, Life Coaching, Mind Programming, Battling Anxiety & Depression, Motivational Training & Career Guidance.
With time & evolution, studies say that a lot of people in the world are battling with issues they can’t or are not comfortable sharing with anyone. Because Humans, we are all afraid of being judged. Issues like Depression, anxiety, inferiority complex, pressure etc. , which need to be addressed & shared with.  That is where we offer a helping hand.  We shall focus on changing the thought process of an individual undergoing any kind of issues mentioned above & help him look at the brighter side of life. With the team of experts & best-learned life coaches, doctors & therapists, one can have a life changing experience & look at life with an altogether different perspective.
Mental Fitness is the most important part in an individual’s life, right from childhood to adulthood & continues till mid-life. Its one of the most important thing in the graduation of Human Life on earth, but sadly, in our country, has not been paid a lot of attention to. Hence, we wish to target the age group of 21-30/35, which almost covers the Student community(college & universities) & corporate employees(undergoing the stress to be in the race). Preaching PAPA.YA shall help & provide sessions on Mind Programming, NLP & memory techniques to be elaborate.
Preaching PAPA.YA is a social cause for self-awareness, to help people live, a happy & content life. Our Founder, Vritvi N. Sawant, being a Motivational trainer & influential speaker herself, has always dreamt of having a “social awareness campaign” for the same, takes a keen interest on helping every individual who gets in touch. The cause got its name keeping in mind the Preaching nature of Parents; the way they always love to preach, though with good advises in all walks of life, & majorly inspired by her parents where PAPA is her dad, YA is derived from the initials of her mom’s name.,hence the name- Preaching PAPA.YA! (smart right? 😉 *); where we shall coach & mentor people like a parent/guardian. Join the tribe. Lets spread the happy vibe!

Message from Founder

Vritvi N. Sawant

Life is a beautiful journey, only if you wish to walk on it with gratefulness in your heart. Being mentally fit is a sign of being strong & I believe, that if we learn to control our thoughts, we have conquered half the battle. As humans, we tend to mask our deepest emotions with beautiful smiles with a fear of being judged. Don't Do that! Don't Suppress! Seek help! Its okay to feel the way you feel, but understanding the root cause, i.e. ``thoughts`` & taking action to cure it, is braveness! Be Brave today, Brave Tomorrow & Conquer always!
#MAnnHalkaKaro #khushraho #Believeandconquer


Law Of Attraction

Manifesting in an essential technique in the process of progression of life. You are what you attract! So it becomes important to know & understand the basics of whatever you are attracting is good or bad for you.

Parent Child Communication

Lack of Communication between child & parent can be damaging. Children often avoid sharing their thoughts with their parents as an impact of strict behavioral pattern, & tend to keep it to themselves. This eventually leads the child to gallop in low self-esteem.

Mind Programming

``Your mind is programmable. If you are not programming your mind, someone else will program it for you.``-Jeremmy Hammond. Mind: the most important tool that has the ability to impact a major part of your life with whatever thought process you feed it with.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming helps to increase behavioral choice & also the outcomes of our actions are represented within the visual, auditory and kinesthetic systems of the human atomical patterns. NLP overall helps in complete well-being by controlling the mind, to overcome self-perceived problems.

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I am very Grateful that we got connected us.
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Shalaka Waghmare
I being a lawyer come across a lot of negativity Bcos of the profession I’m in. Preaching PAPA.YA &...
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